Vacation at Wibmerhof a Farm in Taisten in the Dolomites
Farm holidays in South Tyrol
Vacation apartments at the Wibmer Farm in Taisten
Farm holidays in South Tyrol at the Wibmerhof Farm in Taisten
Wibmerhof farm in Taisten
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Wibmerhof farm in Taisten
Wibmerhof farm in Taisten
Wibmerhof farm in Taisten

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Wibmerhof des Roland Thomaser
Simon von Taisten Str. 15
I-39030 Taisten · South Tyrol - Italy
Telephone: (+39) 0474 950109 · Mobile: (+39) 340 3122696
Holiday region Kronplatz - Gsieser Valley, Welsberg, Taisten in South Tyrol
VAT. No.: 02481270219 · St. Nr.: THMRND70A25F371B
Registered with the Bozen/Bolzano Chamber of Commerce
Trade register number · (n. REA): 182231

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Vacation apartment at a farm in Taisten in South Tyrol
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